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We know those complex payroll challenges aren't fun - let Payroll City take on the challenge! Payroll City has professionals who will make sure your payroll calculations are accurate, taxes are paid timely, federal and state forms are filled out on time, and more!

  • Comprehensive payroll solutions
  • ACA and governmental compliance
  • Tax documentation tools
  • Secure HR management and onboarding tools
  • Timekeeping, benefits tracking, and schedule management
  • Easy accountant access and easy-to-read reports and data
  • Member discounts and special offers

We know running your business comes first. Payroll City is here for all your payroll needs with best-in-class technology - those complex payroll challenges are a thing of the past!   

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Merchant Processing

Looking to make processing credit card payments easier? We have partnered with NewtekOne® Merchant Solutions to bring you a streamlined electronic payment process for your business.

The Details

  • Acceptance of all major credit cards
  • Secure, effective, and efficient payment acceptance
  • Meet or beat pricing
  • 24/7 US-based customer support
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Complete payment solutions for businesses of all sizes

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ACH Origination

Send or receive money with ease! With ACH credit or debit origination, you can pay vendors, your payroll, or even receive recurring fees directly from your customers. Let's make doing business easy.

ACH Origination Services

  • ACH Credit Origination- set up direct deposit to pay your employees, vendors, and contractors
  • ACH Debit Origination- collect payments, fees, dues, donations, or other funds directly from your customers
  • Access these tools all in one place through online & mobile banking
  • Transaction limits are customized to your business needs
  • Built with a variety of security features to help prevent fraud
  • Fees apply to use this service

Putting your business first is our priority, reach out to our Business Services Team to learn more!

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AACU, NewtekOne, and Payroll City are separate entities and are not affiliated, owned, or sponsored by AACU.