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Table data for Share and Share Draft Accounts (General)
Fee Type Fee Amount Alert Me
Business Share Draft Account $10.00 per month
Business ACH Debit Origination Service $25.00 per month
Business ACH Credit Origination Service $25.00 per month
Temporary Checks 4 for $1.00
Deposited Drafts (and other items) Returned Unpaid $15.00 per item
Deposit Drafts Returned Unpaid (when payor and payee are the same) $75.00 per item
Premium Overdraft Service $32.00 per item
Overdrawn Fee $32.00 per item
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee $32.00 per presentment
ACH Representment Fee $32.00 per presentment
eStatement Fee Free
Paper Statement Fee $4.00 per statement
Account Research $40.00 per hour
Stop Payment Fee $32.00 per item
Account Closure Fee (within 6 months of opening) $10.00
Basic Checking Minimum daily balance of $500.00 required to avoid a $5.00 service fee
Comeback Checking $10 per month
Verification of deposit $15.00 per item
Check Cashing - Non-Members $10.00
Table data for ATM & Debit Mastercard® Check Card Transactions
Fee Type Fee Amount Alert Me
Expedited Delivery Fee $35.00 each
Lost/Stolen Reissue Fee $10.00 per reissue
Sales Draft Copy $12.00 per sales draft
Empty Envelope Fee $75.00
ATM Deposit Correction $5.00 per item
Foreign** ATM Transaction Fee - Basic Checking or Comeback Checking $2.00 per transaction
Foreign** ATM Transaction Fee - Rewards Checking $2.00 per transaction. If account requirements*** met, up to $25.00 per monthly cycle refunded (limited to $4.99 per item). See separate Account Requirements disclosure.
Foreign** ATM Transaction Fee - Primary Savings Only $2.00 per transaction (First 3 per month-no charge)
**Foreign = not owned by AAFCU ***Requirements each monthly cycle are as follows (all three must be met): 1. Active enrollment in eStatements 2. 12 or more Debit Mastercard purchases post and clear your account. 3. One direct deposit or ACH auto debit.
Table data for Miscellaneous Transactions
Fee Type Fee Amount Alert Me
Levies/Garnishments $75.00
Loan Extension $35.00
Skip-A-Pay $35.00
Check by Phone Free
Payment by Phone $4.95
Wire Transfer - Domestic $25.00
Wire Transfer - International $55.00
Dormant Account $10.00 per month
Signature Guarantee - Members Only $20.00 per transaction
Bad Address Fee $10.00 per month
Foreign Item Deposit Fee $30.00 per item
Shared Branch Withdrawals (fourth and subsequent withdrawals per month) $2.00 each
Official Check Free
All fees are subject to change.


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