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Welcome to Air Academy Credit Union!

Attention Harrison Federal Credit Union Members
Don't forget to update your direct deposit and/or automatic payments with your new AACU account information before December 31.  For more information about this, CLICK HERE.

Routt Federal Credit Union Members - As of December 2, the Routt Federal Credit Union Data Conversion is complete and Routt Federal Credit Union Members are now AACU Members. For more information about what comes next, CLICK HERE.



A New Look For The Future

Our new logo and trade name, Air Academy Credit Union, comes as part of a comprehensive brand refresh that has been over a year in the making.

At the beginning of 2022, we surveyed members, employees, and non-members in our local market, as well as conducted interviews with employees, board members, and credit union leadership to better understand our brand and what people value most about our credit union. We also conducted research in our markets to better understand how our name and brand were understood by non-members. The insights gained during this process helped shaped decisions about our new trade name, logo, and refreshed branding.

Still The Credit Union You Love

Even though we look different and have a new name, we are still a federally chartered credit union, insured by the National Credit Union Administration. We are still the same credit union you have grown to love over the years. We remain the same credit union that has been committed to you for 67 years.



Change Is A Process

As we implement the new brand across the organization, you will continue seeing both our old and new branding intermingled. Please be assured, this will not affect you or how we meet your banking needs. This process will not affect your account numbers, member information, account access, online banking access, or how you transact and conduct business with us. 

What Has Changed

  • Logos - our new logo has already been implemented in many places, but there is still much work to do and it will take time to complete this process
  • Email Addresses - our email addresses now end in, but don't worry, if you use an old email address with it will still get to us
  • Website - On May 2, we launched our new AACU website to give you a more user-friendly experience with better functionality
  • Online and Mobile Banking - On June 1, we refreshed our online and mobile banking platform with our updated branding

What's Not Changing

  • Debit Cards - no need to get a new debit card
  • Credit Cards - no need to get a new credit card
  • Checks - you do not need to order new checks; checks with our old logo and name are still valid
  • Routing Number - our routing number will remain the same
  • Account Numbers and Member Information - your account numbers and member information will remain the same
  • Online & Mobile Banking Login and Password - your login ID and password will remain the same



Online & Mobile Banking 

On May 2, we launched our new website. On June 1, we refreshed our online and mobile banking platform with our updated branding.

On June 1, online and mobile banking got an updated color scheme, logo, and new icon in the app stores. Although the platform has a new aesthetic, the features, and functionality did not change.

More importantly, your online banking login and password remain the same!