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Can I still open new Harrison FCU accounts and/or loans at the Harrison branch before the data conversion?

  • Beginning September 25, no new HFCU accounts or loans will be opened. All new accounts and loans will be opened with AACU.


Will the Harrison branch continue to operate after the data conversion?

  • The Harrison branch will reopen after the data conversion and will be open for business on November 2.


Will my account numbers change?

  • Your account number will no longer be your member number. You will receive a new unique account number for each of your AACU accounts.


What if I can’t remember my new account numbers?

  • If you can’t remember your new account numbers, don’t worry. You can locate your new account numbers inside of online banking.  If you come into a branch or call our contact center, our staff have several ways to verify you and look up your account information.


When will I have to start using my new AACU account numbers?

  • If you open your AACU accounts before October 28, you can start using your new account numbers immediately. If you do not open your AACU accounts before the data conversion, you will be able to obtain and begin using your new account numbers after the data conversion on November 2.


How will the data conversion affect my direct deposit?

  • If you choose not to convert your accounts early, we will have a process in place to allow your direct deposit to continue for 60 days. However, you must update your employer or payor with your new account number and routing number by December 31, 2023.


After the data conversion, where can I make a deposit or apply for a loan?

  • Beginning November 2, you can make a deposit or apply for a loan at the Harrison branch, AACU branch location, or online at


When is the last day I can use my HFCU checks?

  • December 31, 2023, is the last day you can use any HFCU check or HFCU issued check.


What should I do with my HFCU checks after December 31?

  • If you are near a branch, we recommend bringing them to any AACU branch location and we will shred them for you. At that time, our branch staff will assist you with obtaining new checks.  
  • If you do not live near a branch or are out of state, we recommend you securely shred your HFCU checks. You can call our contact center at 800.223.1983, and an agent will assist you with check replacement.


What if my checks have not cleared before October 31?

  • If a check has not cleared your account by October 31, it will still post and clear on your new AACU account, but there may be a slight delay in processing.


Will there be any fee changes?

  • We will mail every member new AACU account disclosures and agreements, as well as a current AACU fee schedule, no later than October 1. If you do not receive this information, you can stop by the Harrison branch to pick up a packet or call 719.527.1358, and we will be happy to mail or email you another copy.


What will happen to my Christmas Club account?

  • Your Christmas Club account will be converted to a Money Fund account that allows you to access your funds at any time. Your Christmas Club dividend will be paid before the data conversion and will show in the balance of your new Money Fund account on November 2.


Will I still be able to use my HFCU Credit Card?

  • Nothing about your credit card will change. You can still use your credit card to make purchases. If you need assistance making a credit card payment, please go to the Harrison branch or call us at 800.223.1983.


What is the last day I can do a wire transfer?

  • The last day for outgoing domestic wire transfers is October 30.
  • Incoming wire transfers will be accepted through October 31. If a wire transfer attempts to come in on November 1, it will reject and you will have to provide new account information to the party initiating the transfer.


What account number do I use to access my new AACU account at a Shared Branch location?

  • You will use your Primary Savings account number to initiate a Shared Branch transaction.