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Important Dates


What You Can Expect

Moving one financial institution's data to another institution's operating system is a complex process. Although we have taken steps to minimize the impact to you, there was a brief disruption of services during the data conversion process.

Let's Break It Down

Below you will find important dates and information regarding the data conversion process for October, November, and December 2023.



    October 2023

    October 30

    On Monday, October 30, at 11:59 pm, all HFCU debit cards were permenantly turned off and the conversion blackout period began. You will no longer be able to use your HFCU debit cards and recommend you securely destroy them. 

    October 31

    • The Harrison branch was open to serve you during normal business hours.
    • HFCU's website, online banking, and mobile app was permanently disabled at 4:30 pm.
    • While we can assist you in obtaining the last 24 months of account statements, we recommend you print and/or save any account statements you may wish to retain for your records before October 31. 


    November 2023

    November 1

    • On Wednesday, November 1, the Harrison branch was closed. 
    • All HFCU member data was moved over to AACU's operating system.

    November 2

    • On November 2, the data conversion was completed.
    • The Harrison branch reopened for business and is officially operating on AACU's operating system.
    • Your accounts are now AACU accounts with new account numbers. If you did not obtain an AACU debit card before the conversion, a new AACU debit card has been ordered for you and will arrive in the mail.
    • You will be able to enroll in AACU's online banking and you will have full access to all AACU branch locations and ATMs.



    December 2023

    December 1

    Your first AACU account statement will be available electronically through online banking or will be mailed to you if you have elected to receive paper statements. 

    December 31

    December 31, is the cutoff date for using any HFCU account information and the last day you can:

    • Use HFCU personal checks, HFCU official checks, or HFCU temporary checks. We recommend ordering new checks with your AACU account information no later than December 1.
    • Have your direct deposit post using HFCU account information. You must update your employer or payor with your AACU account information before December 31. 
    • Have automatic payments (ACH) post to your account using HFCU account information. You must update all automatic payments with your AACU account information by December 31.